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Sports Injuries
Reynolds Chiropractic Clinic - Sports Injuries


"Millions of baby boomers not only want to look good but also want to improve their quality and longevity of life."

You most likely know of men and women in their sixties, seventies or older who look, feel and even act years, or decades, younger than they biologically are. We all desire to be as active, youthful, and vital as we've been in our twenties and thirties, and it is better to try to slow down the affects of aging than to try to reverse it.
This is why it is so important to take preventive measures to stop, slow down or even reverse the treatable aspects of physical aging. Anti-Aging is really about taking steps to maximize the potential years of a patient's life and even more important which is to ensure that those years are productive and healthy. Structural chiropractic and good nutrition can help you protect yourself and the people you care about.
We can assist you with:

  • Structural chiropractic treatments to improve your posture and the mechanical function of your bones, muscles and joints. Structural chiropractic realigns your body's core structural system and helps to prevent, slow, stop and reverse arthritic changes and abnormal wear and tear in your joints.

  • Nutritional supplementation and counseling to improve or maintain high physical performance and ability as we age.

  • Food-based detoxification program to cleanse unwanted toxins from the body.

  • Lifestyle and Weight-management counseling.

  • Fitness counseling to promote physical fitness and activity.

Not only do you look better, but you reap the added benefits of correction of fallen arches, more mechanical stability, fuller, deeper breathing, relief of chronic pain, more energy and stamina, and cardiovascular improvement. Our Advanced iostructural Correction™ patients are the most satisfied patients we have ever had. Won't you join them? If You Think That You Have Tried Everything and Nothing Worked -Call me at .

If you continue to treat your body with a traditional approach, then you will get traditional results. My approach is quite different.

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